Selections on listpicker

hi, i'm blocked with this problem, i have create i Listpicker with a few string, and i would like see the selections of string in the listview or on the label (it's the same for me, because i just want to share it on WA), but i see just one string.
-Listpicker : 1,2,3,4,5, i select 2, 3 and 5
i woul like see in the listview or on the label:
Are this possible?

Unfortunately with list picker it is no possible . Another solution provided by @Taifun

Multiple Choice Select: a Listpicker alternative for App Inventor

Hello Jacopo

Are you saying you have both a List Picker and a List View in your App GUI?

If so, it should be easy to meet your requirement, the problem is that you cannot multi-select from the ListPicker, you can only select one row at a time. However, if the total number of times you make a selection is always the same (in your example, three rows are selected) then you can display the ListPicker programmatically for the remaining two picks (via a Procedure, using call ListPicker Open).

Here are two ways to do it ...