Selection of several blocks

I would like to select multiple blocks in the block editor. Do you know how to do it ?
Thank you in advance

There is no way to do it. :frowning_face:

.... it is on the List of Enhancements to do but that's a very long list.

You could export .png images of the blocks to a directory on your hard drive, appropriately named, and multiple select them from there, if your purpose is to treat them like a subroutine package.

You could also drop free floating text block markers near the blocks you wanted to select, and follow the error indicator arrows to tour them.

For pasting multiple blocks over and over: Drag a *IF THEN statement somewhere onto the screen, fill it with the multiple blocks you want to reuse, copy and past the IF statement a few times somewhere on the screen, then drag the inside blocks all out snapped together as you need them. Then delete all the empty IF statements. Not the same as selecting individual blocks, but a easy way to paste multiple at once if thats what you're trying to do to save time pasting individual blocks over and over. *You can use of course any control, but the IF THEN seems easiest.

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