Selecting components bug

Whenever I select a component like a button to change the name of it, change the settings on it, or delete it, the components bar automatically scrolls to the top and I cannot see the component anymore. It is very annoying since I constantly have to scroll down to check I selected the right thing.
Can you please fix this?

hi !

i don't think there is any way to fix this issue , everyone needs to do that

i guess that whenever you delete a component you can't see it
its obvious that its now deleted so that will not be there

See the release note for the upcoming release ...

  • Update 1 (2020-07-13):
    • Prevent deactivate gallery URLs from opening
    • Fix an issue where blocks editor stops page from responding to touch on mobile
    • Prevent scroll jumping when selecting components/media
    • Fix an issue that crashed the companion on Android 4.x
    • Fix an issue that prevented apps from being deleted from trash if they had been previously published to the gallery


after selecting , the name of the component is still visible in the properties section(you don't have to scroll there) so you can check that which component is selected