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Hi, sorry for my english.
I would like to create an app where there is a list of foods, after searching for the food with the FilterBar and after selecting the food, a pop-up window with the properties of the food must appear, is it possible? I using ListView with ElementsFromString and a FilterBar, but I can’t make appear the pop up window after selecting the food, is there command block for this?
Thanks in advance.

You could use the notifier message dialog for a pop up (no images though)

Or try the Dialog Any Thing Extension by Zhangzqs, where you set up a vertical or horizontal arrangement with your pop up layout, then use the extension to pop it up.

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Thanks. Is there a way to communicate that I made the choice of the element 3 (example) of the ListView? Ex: If i pick “element 3” from ListView do… etc etc

Let us assume you have a list of lists:
Food Item1, Food item1 Properties\n
Food Item2, Food item2 Properties\n
and so on.

You make a list from the first index items (index1) for your listview), then when selecting an item on the listview, you fetch the second index item (index2) which will be the properties for the seleted item to show as the message in your notifier.

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