Select Table extension

Dear Experts

I found following tables

Display Table in Webviewer Extension by Andres Daniel
Table Extension by Andres Daniel (free, for added feature version: 15 USD)
Airtable Classic Extension by Jerin Jacob - link
TinyDB Editable Extension by ColinTree
Table View Extension by Ken, enhancement by vknow360
PeriodicTable Extension by Marco
TableViewer Extension by kevinkun to show table data fully customized
Baserow Database Extension by Sumit1334, an Airtable Alterative

I want to ask, which table extension is the best that has more features so that I shall start using it.


Suggest that you try out each one, to see if it fits your requirements.

I personally consider tables inappropriate for hand held portrait mode devices when the table would stretch far off the edge of the screen.

For such a circumstance, use YAML format data in a ListView.

I think the most complete is TableViewer Extension by kevinkun, but it's also the hardest to use.
It depends on how you want to use it

why you think so? just prepare your data as a list of list, init with a layout, setdata, Show table, done.

You need html knowledge for customizing style

Indeed, if you want to make a good looking (more customalized ui). other wise the build-in style will work.