Select list items: List index too large. Error coming, I don't know why. How can I disable it?

Hello Everyone!
Firstly apologizing for my bad English.
I'm getting this error, I checked my block codes very well, I didn't found any cause of this error, and my app is also working properly. But as I have to share this app with others, so this error is not tolerable. I will request to my fellow friends to check my blocks, because may be the error will get caught in your eyes. Or I'd be very happy if someone can give me the resolution to avoid this annoying message.

How is it working properly if you are getting this error?

Your split procedure is called using a result from another screen closing.

Unfortunately, you did not provide the other screen(s) that should be providing the desired results, and you do not check if the provided result has '/' in it before splitting it and assuming you got 3 parts.

Thank you sooooo much...... There was a very silly issue, which I can able to understand after seeing your reply. I was stuck with that issue for last 3 days and you made everything correct.
Actually there is verification page, while user install this app for first time, they have enter their username and password and then the app will be opened, and for next time onwards after opening the app, it will automatically verify the username and the password. So what I was returning "userName/password/activationParameter", so at the first time if userName and password matches with firebase, it will return "userName/password/22", if not matches it will return "userName/password/0", if if we get the activationParameter as 22, it will save the user name and pass in the TinyDB and when the app is opened next time, it will auto verify it with firebase. But the ting was, while we opening the app for first time, it will not open the verification page directly from screen1, I made it like, if we gonna open other screen and the app is not verified, it will open the verify screen. But from next time as verification screen is not opened, it was not getting proper value while we coming back to the screen1, that's why the issue was arising. But my logic never thought about this issue. And you solved my problem.
Thank you so so so so much! You just saved m Life!..