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There seems to be no data received via bluetooth.
Secure it in such a way that it creates a list only if the variable "global input" is not empty.

Kindly tell in detail

So the problem is where you are trying to split it. And According to error it shows , get global input isn't empty. Only issue is it does not have "|"

Tell more what exactly you are trying to do , so maybe we can help

After reading data from BT, add IF conditional block. If not empty global input, then ....

it sending the data but shows this message

Does not receive data. Or there is no | sign in the data.
Do such a test. Read data from BT and do not split it, just enter it into the text field and see what you have received.

then how to solve it

i am trying to get reading from arduino via bluetooth kindly solve this issue

Alternatively, try this block:
blocks (83)

Why do you want to split the data ? According to your code there should be 4 things (or words or something) and you split them. All I see is 2 things , in the error.

i dont know much about it .It was working pecfectly with three sensors now i added fourth one it start showing this message

okay what all things are you measuring ? the more deeply you tell better it would be to figure out the problem
Which is the new sensor added ?

PH , turbidity ,temperature and humidity

Show arduino code after adding fourth sensor.

ii added ph sensor now

Problem could be here ...

I won't be able to help in arduino code , sorry :frowning_face:
@powerusers can surely help you out

Also please post your arduino code just like @Patryk_F told

It is possible that in arduino you not added another "|".

ok thaxx......

Paste the arduino code here.