Select item in a list and copy it in a text with MIT Inventor 2


I aml trying to use MIT Inventor. I am a newcomer in that world.

I have a list and I want people to choose one item in a list but i can’t manage finding the good way to do that. It’i not a listview or listpeeker.
Can any on give me some clue ?

Sans titre

Thanks in advance !
Fred ( from France )

You don’t want to use a listview or listpicker to select an item from a list ?
(that is what they are for…)

I’d prefer use that way in order to have the possibility to modify esaily the list without modifing the code …
Is my request impossible ?

And more than one action will have acces to the same list. It would be better not to copy it as many times as i need it …

I can try the way you advise me to do …

Yes you can Frederic.

Basically you use


You need to do this tutorial on List Blocks by Sajal

ListView and ListPicker are not the best programming solution in all cases.


This is a data management question.

Study the various AI2 online/offline database options and load the .Elements
for the List Picker or ListView dynamically from wherever you keep the lists.

OK !
I’ll have a look at that link !

Thank you !

Try this

picklists.aia (2.6 KB)

I download it and give my opinion about your solution as soon as I can ( it’s late here in France … ).

Pyrenea_01.aia (82.8 KB)

At first view I can deal with your solution.

See example attached to that message