Select from spinner and show the data from csv

Hi everyone, thank you for your support, i have one more issue, where iam unable to think any logical code for showing the data from csv selected from spinner. Suppose i have saved a csv file in Android, for example a school record, i am displaying the category of class in spinner from that csv file saved in my phone. How to display the class details once, i select the element in spinner., i.e for suppose if i select class 10, i want to show students details present in class 10.

Please provide an example of your csv file. You will need to do some list manipulation in order to present the data you want.

Class Name of the Student Attendance
1 ABC Present
1 ABCD Absent
2 ABCED Present
2 ABCEDF Absent
. . .
. . .
. . .
10 zzzz Present
10 zzzzzz Present
10 ZZZZZZZ Absent


Sample School Attendance Report for your purview..Thank you

and you want to, for example, select 10 from the spinner, then display all entries for 10 from the csv ?

Yes...and then update some other table with total present and absent.

Something like this:


attend.aia (4.1 KB)

assumes your csv data looks like this:



Thank You very much for the solution. If i want to further drill down, then i can use the same process making the Spinnerlist as input list and so on, the way you have done it...

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