Select button randomly to send to new screen

I'm trying to get appinventor to select one picture (of 4) to send me to a new screen whilst the others send by back to the beginning. i have the code to put it into a list but cant figure out how to randomize it so all are clickable but only one sends you to a new screen while the rest send you back to the beginning.

  1. Use virtual screens (use the search feature to learn about them).

  2. Are you going to randomize the pictures as well, or will each be linked to a specific "screen?"

each picture isnt going to be randomized, its all going to stay the same. and i dont have the experience to do the virtual screens

Other way i could do it is to have 4 "screens" with the different options and randomly pick from those

Perhaps knowing how to select a random item from a List would help

either of the two Block examples will work

and knowing how to
Program Your App to Make Decisions

will help you figure this out. It is not very difficult.

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