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Greetings, friends, members of the forum... this time I tried to add Notes and Attendance according to the record selected in a listview... but everything fails me... Of course, it implies a condition of adding this bar | vertical with number and | with Assistance (there is a checkbox there but when it is selected the number 1 is placed, I have already solved this because in reality the number is entered from a textbox, tbx_Asist), place it at the end of the name that is in the selected record. I attach an image about it

I thank you in advance for all the support you give me.

blocks (3)

I have tried with this:

Hi Fix

We have all this information from you - but not an actual description of the problem.

It looks like you already solved your problem?
In case of not, please elaborate


Greetings, this is a clarification regarding the checkbox, .......what I want is to be able to place Note and attendance only to the selected record in the listview

Actually, the checkbox is a flag - it does not trigger an event. So, what you want is:

  1. When button 'Add' is clicked, code checks that checkbox is ticked :heavy_check_mark: and 'NOTA' contains a number?

  2. if (1) is true, the current List View Record @ 'Id#' should be replaced with the new data, 'REGISTRO'

  3. Variable 'REGISTRO' is populated with "id#|Estudiante|Nota|checkbox status"

It seems that the checkbox is not a checkbox? Instead it's a Textbox with or without a :heavy_check_mark: character in it?

...and button Add is really button Edit?

Need some clarification Fix! Both of your button event blocks fail - am I right?

  1. The first one, btn_Editar, wipes out the entire db and replaces it with a null entry.

  2. The second one, Btn_Add_Nota_Asist_R pushes some data into local list 'Temp' but never uses that list, attempts to replace non-existing values in local list 'ShortList' with null value REGISTRO, then replaces the entire db with 'ShortList'.

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Greetings, I have uploaded an .aia file that contains what is indicated. To apply, first you have to press
.. then the data is saved (With three records it would be enough to test) and then displayed in the listview. Now, press the button
... to delete the last 2 digits of each record

This is the moment that I need to enter Grade and Attendance data according to the selected record in Listview.,... for exaple to 2

I like put (for example) 7 and Asistencia (1)

I hope I have explained better

Here .aia file
Sorry, this is a link to the apk, not the aia. Removed by Mods. Your aia is welcome, why not post the aia directly by dragging the aia into this space ? An example aia showing the issue, not necessarily your production aia (if it is too large).

Isnt ?

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and i tried like this and found working properly

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Greetings,... when I dragged the file to place it directly, I got a message saying that it does not accept the format,... it only showed me image formats. It didn't allow me, so I used the googledrive link

you can directly upload here.. no issue


That is rather strange? If the digits are not required, why are they there in the first place?

Export .aia
Export Project

Upload .aia to your Topic in new Post

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Ok with the @Spicy_Topics blocks I have tried to make some movements.
So I have this,... after filling with some records, to start again I have to delete the last two numbers of each one.
The problem is now that "AfterPicking" does not load when there are only data for id and name Tbxs... but at least I can now change the last two numbers in each record (Note and Assist)
Yes, please help me with the AfterPicking

You were very right, I managed to upload the .aia
Here file .aia

BD_Listview_3Tbx.aia (41.0 KB)

I express my due thanks for your suggestions and support to solve the problem I have raised, especially @Spicy_Topics for the blocks that you have indicated to me.
I have been able to adapt little by little thanks to your help and to a certain extent I have solved it

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