Segment group pixel sprite canvas

is there a form to segment a group pixel of canvas?. i would like to use this for make to appear other sprite in z layer using event trigger. but i dont know how to segment a specific group of pixels. like a rectangle group of pixels

Like a mine field?

I haven't tried this, but I notice you can set Sprites to arbitrary Heights, Widths, locations, and Pictures.

So how would a Sprite react to collision if it had a pinhole sized picture file, but Height and Width to cover your segment?

but you can use sprite using layer z for follow the group its not neccesary the collision. but i dont know how to group pixels information using ratio like a circle or rectangule group of pixels. my objective is change the color of eyes of my sprite using event trigger

You can't just swap out the Picture to another one with different color eyes?

so its not possible make appear using event trigger a sprite inside other sprite in layer z position making to the position of the sprites changing order and covering image inside other image

The whole purpose of the Z attribute is to let one Sprite go in front of another Sprite.

What have you tried?

nope i tried and say if it works thanks