Seem to have lost most of my work "The blocks area did not load properly"

This morning I tried a new extension listed below for case statements. Decided not to use it and when I called the project I had been working on all night I get the follow error and 50% of my code has disappeared to my shock, I was on such a role coding lol. Not sure why I'm laughing.!.

The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 5069531081736192_Screen2Slider will not be saved.

I tried to upload to my phone but nothing happens. The extensions and example I loaded as follows.

I cant be certain if this caused the issue. Please help to recover my file. There must be a copy someplace on your server.

Thanks :tired_face:

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Haven't you made any backups of your aia, so backed them up on your PC?

It's something everyone should do on a regular basis, at the latest when another milestone in app development has been reached.

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Did you uninstall an extension prior this happened, if so

Hi, no I added an extension for case functions prior.

As mentioned half the blocks are missing, an interesting thing I noticed was the switch function is no longer in the user interface. The extension I added was supposed to emulate a case switch function.

I think the new extension which is also called switch is messing up if you already have a hardware simulated switch in your program.


If you wish I can take a look at your project if you either share it here or send it to me by PM..

I really apricate that but I deleted the project its in the trash bin. I'm lucky I took screen shots as I finished each section.
I now no to back up consistently and I'm very weary of extensions now.

Thanks again for your help.


Too bad you did that as it can be fixed manually..

Btw, is it still in the trash or did you delete it from trash as well


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