Seeking guidance to start contributing as an Swift developer to MIT App Inventor for GSOC'23

Hey there, fellow open-source enthusiasts! My name is Dhruv Shrivastava, and I'm currently a 3rd year B-Tech CSE student eager to start contributing to the open-source community as an iOS developer.

After researching various projects, I came across MIT App Inventor and was drawn to it because some of its projects require knowledge of Swift. As someone who is interested in iOS development, I believe this would be a great opportunity for me to learn and grow.

I would love to receive guidance on where I should start and how I can begin contributing to MIT App Inventor for GSOC'23. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Great, unfortunately extensions for iOS apps have not yet been approved by Apple at AI2. However, should that happen, Swift knowledge would be required for this as well.

There are potential projects listed in GSOC'23 where swift is the prerequisite skill.

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@Dhruv_Shrivastava We published the open source version of the iOS code to GitHub earlier today. Please peruse the code and ask any clarifying questions you might have.