Seekbar to Slider

Hi! I am working on an extension about SeekBar (Slider)

In the extension, I need to convert the component of Slider (it's a param) to SeekBar type, and also the other way round.

What should I do?

Use getView() method.It will return u a View type , You can easily type cast it to SeekBar, as the View is a superType of the SeekBar.

SeekBar mySeekBar = (SeekBar ) slider.getView();

This thread will be helpful:

BTW, another work around is to store Your SeekBar and Slider in a Hashtable so you can get any one of them, example:

Slider mySlider = Sliders.get(SeekBar);

Thank you so much, this is exactly what I needed.

Will be back if there's no problem :wink:

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I'm not understanding the way to do it, so I guess I will go with Hashmap/table

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It wasn't easy for me to make it with an undefined component type, but i think it would be easier for you to do, You can construct a Slider type with all the properties of the SeekBar.

That works too :wink:

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