Security of mit app inventor

hello google labs i want report that some body has been making a copy of mit app inventor
the website is please give more security

but if you saw that wen we are clicking on mit app inventors image in punya app inventor then it
is redirecting to mit app inventors page and image is of punya app inventor

and the problem is ?

To be honest, I wouldn't worry about it, you do not need to use this Punya MIT App Inventor server, so don't use it, use the main ai2 server or the code server for your apps

Thanks for letting us know Anukram

The code for App Inventor is Open Source - anyone can make use of it as they see fit and there are a number of "little clones" out there that are not much more than an identical compilation.

PUNYA is a research project at MIT that investigated combining App Inventor with Semantic Web technologies under the direction of Dr. Lalana Kagal. I was one of the contributors at the time (before I joined the App Inventor team), and most recently I co-proctored a tutorial on it at the International Semantic Web Conference in November. Both App Inventor and PUNYA are open source under the Apache license, so anyone can take our code and run their own version. It is up to you as an individual to decide whether or not you trust any particular entity to host a service. In the case of these two services, MIT manages them on Google Cloud.

I think the link redirecting back to MIT App Inventor was a branding oversight on my part when I deployed the most recent version of PUNYA.

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ok so it is an opensorce code