Security App and database TinyDB

Hello everyone, I have an app that saves passwords in a database and works fine. I would like to know how to recall all the database tinydb data in a new screen, as I do.
I made the app following a tutorial on youtube and I'm not very practical, I would be interested in this function, can someone help me?
I attach the aia file that you can download.
Thank you.

These blocks should return all the tags/values in your database to a list, and display them in a label. Is this what you want ?


Yes, thank you very much, as I integrate it into the app I have

As I told you, I'm not practical, I recreated the app following the video on YouTube.
Should I put these blocks to follow those that are already in the app?

These are standalone blocks, I understood you wanted them on a separate screen?

Use a Screen.Initialise event or Button event to run the "for each" blocks

ok, I'll try, thanks.