Secure connection to app script

Hello I'd been working with AI2 for quite sometime and my next objective is to secure my connection from the app to the app script.
Usually I deploy the script to the web, share with anyone with this link.
I would like to send data in a more secure way, a way that if the link was shared by mistake, only selected users can access the app script link.

This is not really an AI2 question.....

Do you mean like this?
or do you actually share the script project file with other users? (why?)

or just the script url?:

if you mean google app script secure connection then check the permission

if you meant the data security , don't forget to use https + encryption function + with salt word for strong encryption and decrypt on the other end.

I'm looking for this code! But I can not find... :frowning:

What code?

Don_Ammar's answer:
google script: encryption function + with salt word for strong encryption, app inventor: decrypt on the other end.

He did not provide any...

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