Second quiz not working

Second quiz not working. When I click the "Click for Shark Quiz" button I get "You already answered this one" instead of a point added to the score. Also, how can I reset the score to 0/4 for whenever the button is pressed?

Here's a video showing how it works, you can see the issue at the end.

We can't see all of your code Kayla. Most importantly we can't see which Block posts "You already answered this one". Tip: right-mouse click in the Blocks work-space and select "Clean up Blocks". This will arrange them in a single vertical column that is easier to navigate and will work better on the Forum too.

I suspect your global variable "index" might be a trouble maker because both quiz loops update it. Btw that could be one loop in a Procedure, pointed at the required data of the quiz.

What button? How is the score displayed - in a Label?