Searching in sublists

Good morning all,

I need your help, please. I have the list of lists you can see in the next image:

All elements are ever the same, and I want to obtain, in each search, the index value of one of them that are included in the sublists. I am using this code:

but the result is ever 0.

I have read in this webpage that "the members of the sublists are not themselves members of the list. For example, the members of the list (1 2 (3 4)) are 1, 2, and the list (3 4); 3 and 4 are not themselves members of the list", so, what can I do? I have tried with Control, Logic, Math, Text and List blocks, but I don't find the solution. What must I do, please?

Thanks in advance,


Something like this ?

If I put 3a in the textbox, this returns:
3, 1

The first item of the third sublist

If I put 2d in the textbox it returns:

Thank you so much, TIMAI2, I'm sure it works, I'll try it later.

Thanks again, best regards,


This is perfect! And it works like a charm :star_struck:

Thank you very much for your help. Best regards,


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