Searching help for ' google maps plus code ' does not have many results

Hello community.
I found recently the possibility to get the google maps plus code of a place of the map which is only one expession and easy to maintain in a googlesheets database.
I might need to combine a button with the ActivityStarter and the read out of the googlesheet, right.?
The start of google maps is still allowed by an App.?

Thank you for any comment.

Found by google search this and will study it:
but it is without google maps plus code....


Yes, but you can use a WebViewer with a url like Plus codes

instead of the ActivityStarter to display the Google Map. :slight_smile:

See Plus Codes

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Thank you for your hepl. Basically it works fine. Is there a chance to come back to a other view when I hit the driod return button at the map view.

I do not understand your question Stefan. What you may be able to do is provide a new url to return to an 'other view' if you have code in your app to 'save' a list of places (plus codes ?) previously visited.

This tells you what you can do with the WebViewer User Interface.

It is not a full featured browser so I am not sure it is possible to go back to a previous view.

I might be possible to use these Methods

  • GoBack()Go back to the previous page in the history list. Does nothing if there is no previous page.

  • GoForward() Go forward to the next page in the history list. Does nothing if there is no next page.

  • GoHome() Loads the page from the home URL. This happens automatically when home URL is changed.

If this doesn't work, you could try the WebVIewExtra or the CustomWebViewer extension.

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