Searching and compare inside dictionary

Good evening, my app store data inside a dictionary in TinyDB using a date with format dd/MM/yyyy as "tag".

I need to looking inside every "tag" and compare data to find same words but i don't know how can i do it.
Ty and sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

for each tag in TinyDB1.GetTagList
   init local dictValue to get tag from TinyDB1.
   If search value matches that dict then
      announce it
end for each

I would also suggest storing your dates in yyyy/MM/dd format, this may prove more useful in the long run (they will then work and sort alphabetically)

Ok upgrade...ty

Ty for answer @ABG and @TIMAI2 .I'll explain my problem better. I wanto to search inside each dictionary if there are words that are the same between them, without having to enter it from input.

How can I compare each element of the dictionaries with each other?

Ty again!

If you want to compare two lists (keys of dict1 and of dict2), you can use these value procedures, draggable:

MINUS select_where_equijoin.aia (10.3 KB)

Some of these draggable blocks images have Do It comment bubbles you can expand in the Blocks Editor to see the Do It results.

Ty for answer...i'll try to understand how to use your tips.
Ty again :slight_smile: