Searchable Listview without using filter bar?

So basically I need the FilterBar to be controlled from a text box.

My goal is to start typing in the text box. While the letters are being typed the ListView will auto-select the closes match. Just like the filter bar! But if a match is not found or something close. It will ask, "Would you like to add this to the list?.

Is this possible? I can not find any tutorials on google that are this specific. I also could be asking this in the wrong way.

Thank you.

How hard did you try ?

and also see

Just typing text into a standard text field does not raise any event. You would have to use an extension and you could do what you want. Tim's last link uses a clock. Also a good solution.

I was searching in the wrong way! Thank you TIMAI2

"Actually use this link for that tutorial. The other one is broken."

That link is exactly what I needed.

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