Search list to get index value

Good afternoon everyone

Please can you help with the below, I'm trying to get the value of index four within finance data list. Not sure what I'm wrong

What does global financedata look like ? Do you just want the 4th element from that list ?


I want to see if barcode search input is in finance data list, if so get the relevant information from index 4 and display it as total amount epos.text.

Sorry can't send picture yet as I've had to pop out.

before using this global variable, make sure it is having values.. no prob with your blocks it seems.. so cross check your blocks by doing Do it

Based on your block you will get only the index value, if the condition met true . I hope you don't want that item because already you are having the item in the barcode text

index in list will return an index ?

Maybe you want to use two lists, financedata for Barcode and financedata_2 for SellPrice and get the index of a Barcode item and apply it to the SellPrice list.