Search list in listpicker problem

Hi there. I built a listpicker from a CSV file. By selecting any option (approximately 200 entries) I get the desired result. However, when I select an item from the search list it shows me anything except what I am looking for. Im attaching the blocks used.

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

I suspect using search facilities of the List Picker messes up correspondence between the SelectionIndex and the original Elements list.

Since you are already building up your Elements text from two items of each row of the original table, I suggest you use the Selection parts to look up the matching row of your color table. Loading a dictionary from the color table at startup or in BeforePicking would help here, using ListPicker Elements as dictionary keys and color table rows as values.

I'm not sure this could work as many fluorophores share the same color. What I'm going to test is if entering a column with ordinal numbering (1..n) could serve as a reference instead of the color. In that case, instead of using the positionpicker as an index, it would use the ordinal number of the selected item. Hope that works.


after several attempts I managed to get what I was looking for. For that, I added a column to the database, with correlative numbering, indicating the position of the fluorophore in the list. I enclose the blocks used in case it can be useful to someone