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Hey there,
A few months ago, I saw a tutorial for a search bar conectet to google sheets.
It was with the clock, and somehow i could search letters in a word.
I lost the tutorial and now i am looking for someone, who can help me with that.
It looked someway like this


I do not see what this has to do with Google Sheets ?

My 'Database' is in google sheets
And it worked once to make a search bar, that I can search like letters in a word. If I typed in a 'C' every word that includes a C showed up. In the normal way it only shows the Capital Letter of the first word from the hole cell in google sheets.

The important thing i think was the clock somehow.
Do you know what I mean?

I need a tutorial for App Inventor that allows me to search for letter in a cell without to start with the first letter of the first word.

OK, and what is the structure of your database, is it a table (columns and rows) or a single column or row?
How are you accessing the data in your google sheet?
Do you need to search all the cells or a particular column or row ?
What do you want to do when you find a match ?

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Peace be upon you. I am from Iraq. I am looking for what I said a while ago. I would like to create the program a database connected to google spreadsheets. I want the user to put his ID number in the first column in the spreadsheets, so the application shows the row and the corresponding information. I tried a lot, but when I search for the number it comes The row has a major number and does not search in the first column in short. I would like to import data from the data tables using the information in the first column, so it gives me the data of the other columns associated with the winding with the value entered by the user

This ?

Google Sheet CRUDQ II


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