Search in text box

How would i search for certain words in a text box in a way the user could find said words in the text box (highlighting, jumping to the word, ect.)

Utilisez l'extension de @Taifun : Voir ici


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List Blocks On App Inventor | imagnity shows how to search a List might help if you convert your TextBox contents to a List to do the search.

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Thank you!!

If you use a HTML-enabled component to display your text, you could do text replace operations to wrap the word in question with markup to highlight it.

Navigation is harder, and would require a display component (WebViewer?) that could support embedded bookmarks and links to in-document bookmarks. (I have not tried this.)

Here is a simple way to show a searched word with the searched word highlighted in all capital letters. :wink:

Sorry the yellow highlighting is shows the capital text.

or as ABG suggests use html


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