Search function for soundboard

i have a soundboard app with a lot of soundfiles. I would like to know if I can add a search function. so that I can find the sound / button faster?

Lg Steve

Could you give more details and describe what you need better?

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i have a lot of buttons on one side. I would like a search field where I simply enter the name of the button and it is then displayed to me. so that I don't have to look far. I hope I translate correctly

If you had used ListView instead of a button, it would have been possible and easy.

Can you please post the .aia file or atleast a screenshot of the components, so that it becomes easy to help you.

soundboard_cold(1).aia (416.9 KB)

ere is the file. I want a search option at the top of the magnifying glass so that I can find the sound buttons faster. eg: when I give schinken then the button with the name is shown immediately

I made the App you wanted...
It uses @Taifun's wonderful textbox extension
I tested it and it works(for the first 6 buttons)
soundboard_cold_with_search.aia (435.1 KB)

The only thing left is that you add all the buttons in the below list...(I got a bit lazy, lol)

Thank me later


woooow THANKS SOOOO MUCH.. awesome!

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Here it is in action...

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