Search for an item in the csv file

Hello. Can I search for an item in a csv file? is there an example?

Please try this-

'm a complete beginner, so the procedure is something like this:

  1. load subor.csv into a worksheet
  2. Create a search item on the screen
  3. fill the search item with the search text
  4. Use your command sequence
    5.Move the searched item to the screen
    So should it be?

What is that?

subor.csv is a file with the extension csv

You want to search the csv in an excel file ?

You have to use file component to load the csv file then populate a list and make a search

Try this-



Once you have converted your csv text to a table (list of lists)

Good day. Unfortunately, I don't have the when block in the Control menu ... Is there any extension or setting needed? Ondrej

In Design place a File, it is in "Storage".


How to achieve in block join 3 slots?

use settings icon

Thanks. So simple, and I didn't figure it out. At the age of 66, he thinks more slowly ... Ondrej

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Thank you