Search file names of uploaded pictures

One of my students wants to search the file names of the uploaded pictures (these under Media).
How can you do this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

As far as I know there is no direct way to search the Assets file in your app for a specific file.

What can be done :

-The pictures you upload are stored in Media and the Media (unsorted) can be viewed in the Designer as shown in this example:

  • Developers can 'unzip' the Project aia file. (The aia file is actually a zip file. Use a Zip application on your PC to view the files.) After unzipping, find the assets folder. All the Media files associated with a Project reside in the assets within the app**.

When you unzip the Project, you will see folders where various information required to compile the app are located

The images uploaded to Media are in the assets folder.

Does this information help?

If the information needs to be edited, delete the image file from assets and replace it with a corrected file.
How to delete the armadillo.png file


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Yes, thanks for the immediate reply, Steve!

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