Search elements in json database

I’m trying to do an app that searchs in a json database. The keyword “poblacio” is the city of each infrastructure of the data base (I’m not really good in english so I don’t know how to explain it, I’m sorry), so in the screen1 I add the name of the city and that’s the start value. When I press the search button (That is in the screen1) it doesn’t show any results and I have tried to do it in many ways. I think that these blocks are the closest to the correct ones, but as I said before, it doesn’t work. Somebody can help me? Thanks in advance!!

This is the API:

Edit: I have found the way to do it!!

What should happen if a population, for example Barcelona, ​​has 118 entries?

For the benefit of others who have a similar question in the future, would you mind sharing what you did?

I moved all the blocks under “call Notificador. ShowProgressDialog” to “when Dades .GotText” and changed and deleted a few blocks.