Search bar in mit

How do u make a search bar for an application, and when the item name shows up during the search u can click it and it will show the video for the word. The items name is in the list.

You could try this:

Use the returned search word to find the video path (in a list) and set this as the source for the VideoPlayer

Where are these videos and their descriptive text stored?

under the search bar, i have around 100 buttons and each button contains a video. I've rename the buttons accordingly to the video inside it. So the search bar is to find the specific word from the buttons so users dont have to scroll down to find the word. how do i code this ?

Instead of 100 buttons, use a List Picker with 100 items loaded from a table with 100 rows,

  • column 1 is the searchable title
  • column 2 is the link to the video.

Use the list block LOOKUP IN PAIRS to map the selection to the corresponding video.

The List Picker has a search bar.