Search and delete the last char from a textbox

I need to verify in the last char into a textbox is a comma...IF yes I must delete it.
I haven't found anything in forum...
I've tought to use "lenght" block but after? How may I focus only at last char?
Ty all :slight_smile:

Try somethinh like this

... or try with ...

Is a great extension....but I can't understand how may extract the last char...OK I'll use "SetCursorAtEnd" and after? May You "enlighten" me? Thank you...

I could not figure out how to use @Taifun 's extension in that case either but I optimized my code better I believe

It return me an error....I can't understand where is the error....the word in textbox is "latte,"...

P.S.: if I change the first LENGHT valor to 0, the function don't return any error but don't make nothing obviously

Set start to 1

Thank you a lot...very usefull, I must learn a lot :slight_smile:

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The first thing to learn is to read the blocks you assemble.

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