Search a file attached by whatsapp, telegram, gmail

I created an app that shares a .csv file via whatsapp, telegram and gmail. The same app must import the file shared by other users: In practice, two people with this app must be able to share a .csv file.
The problem is that each mobile phone uses different social folders and it is difficult to find where the attached file is saved. I tried using all the extensions mentioned in the community posts and created the following block:

On lg with Android 10 everything is ok; on MI Note with android 11 does not work. Is there any way to find the file wherever it is and also on android version 11? Thanks all in advance.

With the standard file system that the TaifunFile extension uses, you cannot list files that are not created by your app outside the ASD (/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/packagename/) after Android 10.

Also, you should use URIs for the SAF extension, not the standard paths (/storage/emulated/0). Read the documentation for more.

two tips:

  1. change to English language before post a block image.
  2. all ways keep the component type when rename, like "labelDebug", "buttonDoSomething"
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Thanks Gordon_Lu. I knew about the difference after android 10: I also read many posts about it. But my question is: How can I search a .csv file when the app directories like telegram and whatsapp are different depending on the android version? And even if I find it, I still can't read it, right? Do I have to give up using sharing in my app?