Scrolling not working

hi i have made an simple app which has 2 listviewer but i have one more button below the second listpicker but in designer its showing but when i test in compainion its not scrolling after the 2nd list viewer but the listviewer is scrolling

The ListView will not scroll when placed in a scrolling arrangement.
You need to adjust the height of the appearance to the maximum height of the phone screen.
Additionally, to better understand the problem, it would be good to see aia.

oh ok , so i should adjust the height of listview?

hi ajdusted the height but when i add the items its not getting visible so i will attach aia plstaskbee.aia (170.7 KB) check

Consider switching from ListViews to List Pickers.

They are less greedy for screen space.

You can limit the height of the ListView.

taskbee2.aia (170.7 KB)