Scroll to top of a label

I have a reader app that put a lot of text in a label. When I reload the label I am still at the bottom of the label. I would like to reposition the view of the label at the beginning of the new text.

Though this is not a native AI2 capability, you can simulate it with two stacked labels in a Vertical Arrangement, with a thin Canvas for scrolling.

Here is an old Project I had that would get you halfway there ...
2016-02-09 14_20_19-Greenshot

Scrollable_label.aia (6.6 KB)


Try this:

scrollLabel.aia (5.3 KB)


Uses label inside a vertical scrolling arrangement. Clears the label before loading the text again.


I put the clear label ="" just before the read file but nothing changed. In ur example, you had the button calling the readfile having the clear... Perhaps the delay helps yours work???

I have a few places calling for the readfile so wanted the clear right by the loading of text into the label. Anyway it is not fixing the fact I am still at the bottom of the label where I scrolled to before the read.

Thanks for the easy thing to try

This looks like your solution should work. It is chunking the text into parts. More complicated than I wanted to go. :slight_smile:

Thanks for ur suggestions.

Did you try my aia project? Did that work ? If so, arrange your blocks accordingly.

I install your solution and it clearly works. Give some time to figure out the difference between mine and yours. Also, much thanks for your efforts and help

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