ScreenTools Extension needed

I'm looking for ScreenTools.aix extension Created by Sander Jochems. I searched the web but it looks like he does not publish this extension any more. Any one has any idea how can I get it? I have an aia where I used it before but using the zip unzip and turn into .aix did not worked for me. Help!

You are posting in wrong category. I have changed it for you.


Sander does not provide these extensions anymore, because those have been added as components into Kodular

Which functionality are you looking for? Probably there are alternative solutions?


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Solved by TIMAI2 , he extracted aix from my old aia. Thanks to all

I actually provided the extension itself, which I had tucked away in a Backup. Just needed to confirm which one it was.

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It was "ScreenTools", and thanks again.

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