Screensize and height of components

I have two Arrangement with fixed size and want to set the height of the third arrangement should cover the remaining height of the screen.

Here the block:

Here the result:

Any idea what is the problem why I get a wrong height value for Arrangement3 ?

Sizing of Screen1 is responsive.

Set the Height of Horizontal Arrangement 3 to -2 , this will fill parent - the rest of the space. You can also set this in the designer screen.


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Pixel 4XL (Android 12):

Thanks to all,
my problem is that I need to know the correct value (height) of Arrangement3, but for my understanding (now) it is not possible directly (see the last two blocks in my when do statement). I have to add up all the components and then subtract them from the total length.

Try this, it is a bit perverse.

You have to get the height of the status and title bars to eliminate them from the equation, then a clock timer is needed to give the arrangement heights time to catch up with themselves. I used a 200ms timer.

From my example on Pixel 4XL (Android 12):