Screenshot Extension - Which Path Fits To All Devices

Hello, for one my apps (the German "Wetterfrosch Sunny" app - A weather frog named Sunny app) I use Taifun's Screenshot extension (great thanks to Taifun for the extension!).

The problem is, that I would like to make for the children and the parents, who use this app an information where they can find the screenshot, which they have created, on the device.

I found this screenshot in the "shortly used" section of my ES file manager and then only "in the depth" of my android device. This path is not senseful for to used by younger children.

Could someone please tell me a general path, which fits to all Android devices, where (also the young) users can find their screenshot of the own created weather forecast? I would like to explain the path in the app, because it could be frustrating for a child if he or she cannot find the weather forecast screenshot.

Thank you very much! Have a great day! Here is the code:



I did not used this TaifunScreenShot extension, but does this extension have an event like AfterScreenShot?
If yes, then in this event, move the screenshot to some shared folder (like DCIM, Pictures), then use TaifunTools extension to refresh gallery, then you can open your app Album (or Gallery, i don't know it's exact name in English) from your phone to see this screenshot photo.

Dear Kevinkun, Thank you very much.
Yes, the extension has an AfterScreenShot event. But I am also not quite sure how to realize it, which block comes first.

We have to do with German users, because it is a German app. We have a "Download" Folder, a "Picture" Folder, but unfortunately, I do not know the exact paths, which will fit all users. Perhaps someone from the German appinventor developers could help? Thank you! 谢谢 Have a great day! Martina

see here
How do I save screenshot in gallery with Taifun Screenshot? - MIT App Inventor Help - MIT App Inventor Community

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The Shared folder /Download exists on all Android versions / devices. The same applies to /Pictures. These are relative paths. The absolute path is: storage/emulated/0/Download. And this is also the same on all Android versions.

Dear Anke,
Thank you very much. This information is very helpful. I hope, I will put it into the right blocks. If not I will come back today to the forum. The app is ready, only these download links are not ok. Thank you! Martina

Hello, Unfortunately, the problem with the download of the weather forecast screenshot (with Taifun's extension) and the download problem with the paint canvas image in the download or picture folder is not solved. The folders /Pictures and /Download does not content the screenshot or the saved canvas image. I made a screenshot of my both blocks areas. I have Android 9 and my husband (at the moment he is not available) has Android 11. I have read, that if the File Scope (where it is?) is set and a user has Android 11+ you can download it to the shared folders pictures or download. But what is with Android 9? I think there must be a solution. At the moment the images were saved only in the deep file path of the app and this is a folder where I do not want to send young children. The parents would write many bad reviews. Could someone please help? I do not have so much experiences. If someone could show a code example, this would be great. Thank you very much! Martina

There is nothing different with Android < 11. But you must request WRITE permission on Android < 11 (to save something in the external storage).

On Android 11+ you can store media & non-media files in special Shared folders without WRITE permission and also access them without any storage permissions.

Dear Anke, Thank you very much. But how can I create it, please? Thanks!

Update: I have created a Write Permission for External Storage with Screen Initialize, I hope this is correct.

Dear Anke, I tried it now with the Write Permission and the relative path /Download/MyEasterPicture + global saveCount + .jpg but unfortunately the app created a download folder in the folder where is the app saved on device (in the depth, where I would not like to send children). I have File Scope Legacy. What I am doing wrong, please?
Here are the blocks:

Thank you very much! Martina

The Canvas component can only save a file in one of the Shared folders on Screen1, if DefaultFileScope is set to Legacy in the Designer.

This is not possible on any other screen than Screen1 (I already reported this bug in other topics).

Dear Anke, Thank you very much. I did not know this and I never read this. This explains the problems. Ok, then I think, I will inform in the parents area that they have to copy the saved files from the depth of the android device where the app is saved into the image folder for their children. There is no other solution. My husband thinks, that the customers will rate this app bad, because it is not saved in the right area. Perhaps he is right. Thank you very much, know I understand the problem. Have a great day! Martina

Update: better solution I move the paint part of the app on Screen1 as virtual screen. And then I hope, that the files will really saved in downloads or pictures. But I believe, it will work. Thanks!

No, you can simply move this file from the ASD to the Shared folder. (Use the TaifunFile or FileTools extension to avoid storage permissions on Android 11+).

Thank you!