Screen will open depending on saved data from first use

Hello. I'm not confident with posting this here but I thought I should still give it a go. Please go easy on me if I made a mistake.

My goal is that when the app is used for the first time, it will open and initialize to ask for some details, like name, then save it.

Details: I'm using TinyDB as storage. I'm having a separate screen for getting the data. I initialized the data as list.

(This is my blocks to store the data. As for making sure it would not create an empty list again after initializing, I'm thinking that it should be together with what I'm aiming for so I haven't included it yet.)

Save the data until next use, and since I already got the data from first use, this particular screen would not open again and will directly take me to the "Main Menu" screen with the saved data.

I'm making a project for school so I might be looking for another help sooner or later, thank you very much.

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thank you.

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