Screen title color frame

Can anyone advise?
In Screen Title, I would need a blue background and a yellow font.
Or the whole frame Screen blue.

You can hide the title, and use arrangements or labels as your title.

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First, change the Theme field of your Screen to any other option except Classic.

For Background colour :

Go to your screen - Change the colour to blue in PrimaryColour option.

For Title text :

You simply can't change the title text colour, but there is a way. This can be done if the text you entered in the title is yellow from beginning.

Remember to change the Theme to any other format except Classic, else it won't work.

You may also do what @Gordon_Lu suggested.
That would be more useful.

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But I need the text to appear not on the screen, but on the top frame.

Then just move the component to the top.

See here

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Do note that if the user long presses the square "Menu" button in the navigation bar, even if you have hidden the title bar, it will still show the "Stop this application" and "About this application" options.

Do you mean this button ?


I am not seeing that behaviour with installed apps on my Android 10, 12, or with companion?

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Yes. On my Android 11, once I accidentally long presses that button, and it popped up the menu. Therefore, if you are using a custom menu bar by hiding the built-in one, users will still be able to see the original menu.

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