Screen starts from the bottom

Hello, when you start this screen (not Screen1) it doesn’t start from the top, on the contrary, it starts from the bottom. The screen is mostly videos, each of them enclosed in a horizontal arragement. Attached are the block section and screenshots of the application already installed.

Thanks for the help. :smiley:

A short term fix you could try is to have the Scrollable property in the designer unchecked and in your Initialize block set scrollable to True.

Longer term, you may want to think about only using one video at a time and using a list view or spinner to navigate between videos so you don’t load them all into memory at once.

Edit: You could also try placing a VerticalScrollArrangement into the Screen, and place the videos into the VerticalScrollArrangement. Set the VerticalScrollArrangement’s Height property to Fill Parent.