Screen sizing problem

I have many screens, but just one screen has issues in dispalying its content in full on my phone, Whereas other screens are correctly contained within my phone’s display… The screen having overlap issue,

Screen configuration is set to The screen which is showing the full content on my phone is And it’s configuration is I’m not able to find the reason why the ImportDB screen magnified and not able to display the full screen on my phone… Please help… Thanks

Is your Screen1 sizing set to Responsive? Also what sizing you gave to the components in the screen that has trouble?

It’s very difficult to see what is going on from your images - they are barely legible. You could capture excellent screenshots of the Designer with the Windows snip tool or any other screenshot program (App Inventor has it’s own capture for Code Blocks).

Also, can you use the screenshot facility on your phone and post that here?


This might help:


Capture the Screen from a device.

This procedure varies depending on the device.

  • press the Power button and the Audio Increase button simultaneously or

  • Press the Home button plus the Power button simultaneously

  • or you can Google Android screen capture xxxx , where xxx is the model of your phone or tablet and get Web advice about how to capture the screen on your device.

Once you capture the image of the screen, the image will most likely be in your device Gallery, probably in a folder called ScreenCaptures. eMail the image to yourself and read the eMail with the attached image on your PC,then download the attachment of your screen capture and post in the Forum.

I have set Screen1 to responsive… Now all screens are displaying in defined or expected sizes… Thank you…

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@ChrisWard @SteveJG Yes I will use either phone’s screen shot program or Windows Screen Shot facility in future, Thanks for the advice…

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