Screen resets over and over, Help please!

Hello there, so i'm working on an app which is for a School Project. Everything is going well so far but i'm having problems with one screen that happens to reset and I don't know why, hopefully you can help me with this issue.

imagen 2

That´s the issue I´m having, if I try to write on the textbox I can but then, the screen resets and erases what I´ve written. I Also added the images of the programming code so you can see if there´s an error.

Most probably you are using a clock component that you forgot to set it to false.


Hey there, hope you're doing awesome. Just wanted to thank you for responding to this. I managed to fix the error and it wasn't a clock, it was a bug because I didn't set to close other screens before opening a new screen. Still, thank you for taking your time on writing your comment.

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