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Hello, I have an issue with an application created in App Inventor. I want to be able to change the images in a picture frame through voice recognition. The images only change when I click again on the button that activates the voice recognizer. How can I make the screen refresh without needing to click on the button again?

Regards and thank you very much!!

Which button? And what is the purpose of refreshing the screen?
Show your relevant blocks.

I'll try to explain it in as much detail as possible. When clicking a button in the program, I call the SpeechRecognizer. Depending on the recognized text, it will modify the images in several picture canvases, including the image of the button itself. The issue is that it doesn't modify them until I click on the same button again.
The code is:
I've try to reset screen with the procedure:
But do not work!!!!
Thaks for quick response!!!!!

You have omitted this block


Everything in your if statements should be in here (you also need to fill your if statements with blocks!)

Yeeesssssss!!!!!! It works perfecttttt!!!!!! Thank you very much!!!!!
:slight_smile: :grin:

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