Screen question - How to inverse the bottom area?

I made an App measuring Battery consumption, Voltage and Current consumed from the Battery pack of my electric bicycle. To reduce the power consumption of my phone, I made the background as black. OLED panel only consumes power for the illuminated area.

Different from the App inventor screen, my App had a bright white bottom area as in the photo below. Is there any way to inverse this area to black??.

I want to have the screen as below.


:thinking:I'll Try To Think About It

Thanks for the input BUT the change required probably is not by App inventor. I do not know where/how to change. I am using Gallaxy note9 with Android version 10.

Making the navigation bat transparent seems better than inverse or hiding the bar.

Please guide me step by step to get to the directory, file/resources to be modified.

Thanks in advance..

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You can use the tools extension from @Taifun

With it you can change the color of the navigation bar.

Dear Peter,

Thanks a lot. This seems to be the solution. There are many interesting features in the extension!!



Peter, it is solved!!

Thanks a lot..

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