Screen Image causes crash on initialization

So, this has been a weird one - only effects some phones, not all.
the pixel 6 pro is a prime offender spec'd (resolution of 3120 x 1440 px at 512 ppi )

on some devices an image on screen causes the app to crash on initialization.
if I remove the image, everything boots fine and works like normal.
its an extra weird issue as I changed something completely unrelated (a tinyDB saved settings thing) and now I have this issue with the image (same phones didnt have this issue previously)

is there something blaring obvious that is causing this, or did I indirectly change how the app is compiled such that it initializes slightly different.

any help is appreciated!

We do not know. Show your relevant blocks. Also the image that causes the problem. (or is it any image?)

its any image, and just on devices with that resolution oddly enough. theres no real relevant blocks associated with the scenario to show or I'd be happy to.

Where is the image, screen background? image component? other ?

its a background image to a button with a link attached.
one thing I just noticed is that its width is set to 100 percent while the other items that contain it are set to "fill parent". ill change the button to fill parent and see what that gets me - I have an emulator where I can see what works and what doesnt with different phones which has been massively helpful.

could totally see that crashing on initialization where for a moment the image could do something wild depending on how a particular device responds.

(images removed)