Screen goes white whenever I run the app

I am creating a news app with mit app inventor in which the owner can post a news I am using firebase database to store the news so that all users can see the news and I am also using google login in the app with TaifunGoogleAccount extension and I have 5 vertical arrangements in the app (as mentioned in the image) . the vertical arrangement 5 contains the google login system and it is supposed to show whenever we run the app but whenever I am running the app instead of all the components I have in the arrangement it is just showing a white screen, just a blank white screen and when I am clicking on the place where I have placed the google login button it is working fine means it is allowing me to pick a google account and continue to app after that. But I am really dissapointed with the white screen. Please help.
(here are some images related to my issue)

Screenshot (36)

We need to see your relevant blocks. i can just see a procedure being run in Screen1.initialise ?
Seems like the background image is not being loaded? Too big, wrong file location ?
Also, what themes have you set: white text on white background ?

basically it was running fine before i made some changes in my app but the changes were not related to the vertical arrangement 5 (in which the problem is occuring).

i tried changing the background but still it is not working?? please help

Please provide more information about
Your blocks on initialisation
How are you setting the background?
What type of image file? Size? File Location ?
Which companion/emulator? Device Android version ?
The list could go on...

perhaps upload here a copy of your aia project....

ok thanks it is working fine now i was using an extension which was not working fine i removed the block related to it

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