Screen FileScope in Blocks Section

Hey, how could I change the Screen FileScope in the Blocks Section?

I require this to store app data and cached data separately, pls help.

You cannot, Screen1 Filescope is only available in the designer, it cannot be changed at runtime.

So how could I save the app data and app cache differently ?

@Anke I was talking about Screen1 FileScope actually. But still, thanks.


I believe you are talking about the DefaultFileScope property in the Blocks editor. The DefaultFileScope property is only available in the Designer and not in the blocks.

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  • if you cannot change the DefaultFileScope property of the screen,

  • but you can change the FileScope property of File,

  • why not change the FileScope property before you save files?

I actually used FileTools extension to move files here and there.

Also, I used its delete method to remove the files which I wanted to save as cache (just because I could delete them easily).

So, I'm out of my problem.
Therefore, it's best to close this topic.

Solution : FileTools extension.

Thanks to everyone who tried to help,
@Gordon_Lu @TIMAI2 @Anke .


Please remove the download link in your post. Only the extension developer can post the download link for their extensions.


Thanks brother.

I didn't know that.

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