Screen dont open

i have a screen in my project when i click block spaces my browser says : that its dont response

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You could have a corrupted project.

Can you export your project and upload it here (or to Google Drive and provide a link.
Also provide the name of the screen causing the problem.
Someone can then take a look.

Screen "AboutQarder" : TheQardsold (1)

Worked in Firefox but it takes a few seconds to load..

I removed all the images from your project, then the blocks screen for AboutQarder would open.

Suggest you start there - images, and work your way through.

okey i will try

images are very important here

Of course, but remove the images for that screen, then you can see the blocks, then you can put back images one by one until you find the one causing the problem. This is called debugging. It might be image size, image type, a problem image, problem blocks code. it might be something unrelated....

firefox worked and i have no more lags on app invetor

edge isn't made for app invetor very laggy